• Concert Band / Fanfare Band
  • Duration : 9:30
  • Grade 3
  • Year of premiere : 2009


Columbus describes the impressions of an astronaut who is preparing himself for his first trip into space.

The piece starts with a dream of the astronaut, full of starlight and infinite sensations. Awoken, preparations commence. At first he is optimistic because of the extraordinary images in his dream. However, then he gets overthrown by doubt and fear of the unknown. The necessary preparations bring him back into reality, to the day of his departure or arrival at the spacecraft, that gives him an immense proud feeling. The doors close – the seconds before take-off are the longest in his life. Then the spacecraft lifts. After the shock of lifting off, at first he feels a big void, until he experiences, this time in real life, the serenity and grandeur he first felt in his dream.


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