Welcome to this website that allows me to tell you a little more about the music I like and the music I make. Thanks for coming this far!

Music has definitely made part of my life when after several years of classical education, I started to improvise, to find some ideas and to write them down on paper.

Wind bands have always been very important to me : I have discovered a lot of things within these bands, first by playing percussion instruments when I was young, and still today I regularly stand in front of a wind band where human relations and the passion for music remarkably merge within one another. When I express myself as a composer, I usually do it through these kinds of bands.

But through this site I really want to share with you all the music I write, for other bands or other worlds : chamber music, media, shows (for instance the music written with a Tunisian oud player Contes des Sages du Désert).

In my work I let myself be guided by one thing, sincerity. The different music pieces I write are generally within everyone’s reach, but I want them to be the fruit of a real research.

I have a passion for the relationship between the oral and the written languages. In the different musical situations I encounter, I constantly try to bring the different elements into a balance : by bringing a written development where the music is orally created, by giving the natural side where music originates from a written source.

I hope you will enjoy what you will hear in the many available extracts.
And if it is not the case yet, I hope thanks to music to meet you one day too !

See you soon !


Are you playing one of my compositions ?

I would be pleased to learn more about it.
Could you take a moment to tell me about your performance ? Thank you and in advance much success !

    Available for listening

    In the meantime, you can listen to one of my recent compositions for wind band, which you will find among many others on the page Music.

    Mechanism (extraits)

    Note's book

    Here is an extract of the current composition : Vu d'en haut.

    Vu d\'en haut (extrait)

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